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      Our Forest Free products


      Wide-plank flooring

      We use Forest Free Eutree lumber to create gorgeous, durable flooring with long, wide-plank, premium grade and quarter-sawn boards. Our hardwood floors are sourced, milled and kiln-dried locally in Atlanta. Find out more about our hardwood floors



      Paneled walls can provide a focus for any interior, an accent to complement an overall design, or simply an exquisite detail. Much like our flooring, Eutree's wood panels can be cut and finished in endless styles. Learn more about our paneling.


      Artisan slabs

      No cut of wood reveals the natural beauty of a tree like a slab. Eutree’s generous cuts showcase the tree's magnificence and character. They're appropriate for centerpiece projects like tables, benches and countertops. Find out more about our artisan slabs. 


      Outdoor decking

      Eutree has developed a unique production process, using "green" (not kiln-dried) 2-by-6 Forest Free deck boards. The resulting product is hardy, durable outdoor flooring with distinctive, rustic look. Find out more about our decking.


      Posts and beams

      Exposed posts and beams convey the natural strength and inner beauty of wood. Eutree's handpicked sourcing method uniquely positions us to provide formidable timbers for both exterior and interior uses. We handpick Forest Free logs and carefully select the cut to match the dimension. Find out more about our posts and beams.


      Hardwood lumber

      Eutree is the only mill in the Southeast to specialize in premium Forest Free lumber for use in furniture, cabinets and built-in carpentry. Species include Beech, Black Walnut, Cherry, Heart Pine, Maple, Pecan, Red Birch, Red Oak and White Oak. Find out more about our hardwood lumber.