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      White oak deck flooring

      White oak's distinctive water resistant qualities make it an ideal wood for outdoor flooring. No wonder it's the tree species most often used wine and whiskey barrels.

      Due to its high value for so many other uses, white oak traditionally isn't used for decking. But Eutree has developed a unique production process by using "green" (not kiln-dried) 2-by-6 Forest Free boards. This spares the time-consuming and costly process of kiln drying, and allows us to pass on the savings to the customer.

      Eutree decking is installed with without leaving room for gaps in the deck. As the wood naturally dries, it shrinks and the gaps form. A natural, unfinished deck boards fade into a fairly uniform gray patina, which can blend well with either rustic or modern designs, depending on the context. For a better idea of the look, check out these installations at Ponce City Market and the Atlanta History Center.

      For more information about Eutree's white oak outdoor deck planks, contact us.


      Outdoor decking photo gallery

      Our natural porch decking features the water resistance and durability qualities of white oak. The generously cut planks weather into gray patina that matches both sleek contemporary and "rustic" designs