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      Real floors without a splinter of forest

      Eutree uses pure Forest Free lumber to create gorgeous, durable, wide-plank flooring. Our planks are sourced, milled, dried, ripped, planed and molded locally in Atlanta. We can plain-saw them, rift-saw, quarter-saw or provide any combination of cuts. 

      We specialize in solid flooring. But for areas where there's a risk of moisture, we produce high-quality engineered white-oak flooring. We can deliver both solid and engineered flooring in either pre-finished or site-finished condition. We also offer a wide variety of species and cuts, customized for your needs. Find out below about some of our favorites.

      Learn more about flooring making decisions about flooring by viewing or downloading the Eutree Hardwood Flooring Guide. If your considering sustainably hardwood flooring for a project, tell us more about your needs by using our Plan Your Project form. And if you'd simply like to learn more about our flooring products, feel free to contact Eutree's Sims Acuff at 678.575.3869 or

      Rift and quartersawn white oak

      Rift and quartersawn flooring is oak at its most stunning. Uniform straight lines run the length of each plank. They're created by carefully cutting each board, perpendicular to the growth rings of the tree. In quartersawn planks, ray flecks — the cells that carry nutrients laterally across the growth rings — adorn the straight grain lines and seem to shimmer as they catch the light. Count each line, and you'll learn how many years went into the creation of that board. Beyond its beauty, rift and quartersawn flooring is prized for its stability, and its resistance to cupping shrinking and warping. Learn here about our white-oak finishing styles. This Houzz gallery displays some Eutree white-oak floor installations.


      As flooring, pecan is a desireable type of hickory. While it lacks the watertight qualities of white oak, pecan is very water resistant and particularly durable because it's so hard. That hardness also makes it appropriate for high foot traffic spaces. At the same time, it's flexible. Pecan's typical pattern can make for a striking wide-plank flooring. Single  pieces can range from pale reddish brown in the heartwood to a light brown in sapwood, with characteristic dark flecks and lines throughout. For these reasons — and because pecans are frequently culled from residential properties across Atlanta — pecan is one of our most popular source species.


      Walnut is prized for its natural brown color. Occasionally, we'll harvest a Forest Free specimens in metro Atlanta, but walnut is more readily available in Tennessee and points north. If a local Forest Free stock is unavailable, we can leverage wholesale relationships to locate high quality walnut flooring at a reasonable price.


      Cherry is prized for its natural red color. A popular species for cabinetry, it actually can make lovely flooring, but trees with the diameter and length to yield wide-plank flooring are hard to come by. It can be used to accent a small area, or when available, for entire house. If a local Forest Free stock is unavailable, we can leverage wholesale relationships to locate high quality cherry flooring at a reasonable price.


      Depending on the species, old-growth pine can offer many of the same qualities as hardwoods.