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      Questions and Answers

      Where are you located?

      905 Rockmart Road, Villa Rica, GA 30180

      Can I come see your products?

      To best serve you, visits are by appointment only. Please call (678) 575-3869 or email to schedule an appointment.

      Do you sell to individuals?


      Do you sell to businesses?


      Will you ship nationally?

      Yes. We ship anywhere in the continental United States.

      Is your wood reclaimed?

      No. While we sometimes have reclaimed wood available, Forest-Free and reclaimed are different. Reclaimed typically refers to "used wood" that is collected when a structure is torn down. Forest-Free wood has never been used before—you will be the first owner.

      Is Forest-Free more green (eco-friendly) than sustainably forested wood?

      Sustainable forests are a step in a good direction. Forest-Free wood does not contribute to commercial lumber production at all, sustainable or not. We see this as a step farther.

      Is Forest-Free the same as urban timber?

      Forest-Free wood comes from both urban and rural environments, so long as it meets the requirements to be Forest-Free. This is one reason that "urban timber" would not be a good description for our wood. Forest-Free is more akin to "rescued wood."

      What's the difference between FAS, F1S, and other wood grades?

      The standardized lumber grading system is a very technical way of grouping together wood that has similar characteristics. For example, a single tree could produce wood in a variety of grades.

      What is quartersawn wood?

      Quartersawn wood is cut radially from the center of a log, like a hand on a clock. This cut is more difficult, but reveals the grain differently for a cleaner look.

      Do you sell exotic woods?

      We periodically have rare local woods in stock, such as Honey Locust, Mulberry, Holly, Elm, Bradford Pear, and Magnolia. These woods have wonderfully unique characteristics, and are "exotic" in that sense. Call or email us to see what rare woods we have in stock: 678.575.3869 |

      Eutree does not import woods because we have to verify the full "chain of custody" to know that the tree was not cut down to be sold as lumber.