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      Eutree blog


      Another great furniture photo shoot!

      Our preferred photographer Lydia Lynn Murty just finished shooting some of our newest designs. They will be going into all of our retail locations.


      Unloading the kiln next week!!! 

      The Eutree Kiln is full of Forest Free materials and after months of waiting it will be unloaded next week!! We will have enough lumber for only a couple of flooring projects. With all the recent inquires this load will sell fast! Sims says this material is some of the best we have created. If you are considering a new Quarter Sawn floor for 2013 make sure to give us a call or email ASAP.


      Rift and Quartered Boston Plank Flooring

      One of our clients in Boston just finished her Quarter Sawn White Oak floors with Minwax Early American and it looks fabulous. Hardwood floor likes these really stand out from the prefinished imported stuff!


      Atlanta Lumber Resaw Services

      Our extra heavy duty resaw is now available for custom sawing needs. It has a 14" throat and can handle beams and cants over 12' long. If you have heart pine or reclaimed oak beams give us a call to see how we can help you turn them into valuable dimensional lumber. We can even make flooring for you from this same material.


      Spalted Maple Slab Table

      This spalted maple table looks beautiful in our clients home. They purchased the slab from us and had their own craftsman Joe Krall make this for them. It turned out great!

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