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      The Eutree Story

      Eutree Inc. is a boutique lumber mill with an ambitious goal: To revolutionize the way flooring and other hardwood products are sourced, processed and supplied.

      Along the way, we're setting a new standard for sustainability: Our timber isn't logged out of forests. Instead, we help urban tree services divert beautiful hardwood specimens from becoming waste. That's why we call our products "Forest Free."

      Our unique approach to sourcing fine wood products connects homeowners and commercial property owners to the installed material in a way that conventional mills simply can't. Whether it's flooring, paneling, slabs or hardwood lumber, each product we create tells a story about the lifecycle of the material itself. You can see and feel what has become of a local tree — in many cases a tree that may have once grown in your own back yard!

      Those stories start with Eutree's own.


      Sims Acuff, in his tree service days."I got tired of throwing away logs" recalls Eutree's founder, Sims Acuff, who for a decade ran Tree Tailors, an Atlanta tree service.

      Sims knew he wasn't alone. Tree service workers tend to revere the trees they cut down, particular the grand, healthy oaks, pecans and hardwoods that are removed because they've become nuisances or stand in the way of construction.

      "It was a shame to send all that nice lumber to the landfill or to see it chipped or to pay to get rid of it."

      In 2010, Sims, a skilled sawyer, founded a new kind of mill. Eutree is changing the supply chain for fine hardwood lumber by interrupting the journey of hardwood trunks from urban tree services to waste. Because so many hardwoods are felled in metro Atlanta each year, we can be very picky about the quality of timber that we ask our tree service partners to divert to our yard just outside the city.

      At the same time, we're fulfilling a market need for sustainably produced hardwood flooring and other products, at an affordable price. The local sourcing fulfills a common goal of green-building certification programs. And our Forest Free supply method is a step beyond sustainable forestry practices — because we don't even set foot in the forest to find our wood.

      Eutree's execution has been as solid as our flooring. Check out what people are saying about us. Although flooring and wall paneling represent the bulk of our business, we're constantly adding more products to our portfolio — from posts and beams to gorgeous slabs to slices of character-grade hardwood that have become favorite sourcing for some of Atlanta's most talented furniture makers.

      Learn more about some of those projects by viewing our galleries. Learn more about our wide-range of quality products here. And contact us to find out more about how we can help you bring Forest-Free wood to your own building project.